Certificate Of Death / Disablement Of Military / Paramilitary Personnel

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Certificate Of Death/Disablement Of Military/Paramilitary Personnel Certified that Mr./Ms.__________________________________, is the son/daughter/spouse of Shri ____________________________ rank __________________________. Shri _____________________________ was killed/disabled to the extent of 50% or more, in action/not-in- action but otherwise, while being in service, on _________________(date). His … Continued

Certificate Of Caste

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Certificate Of Caste (To be submitted by Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes candidates only) Certified that Mr./Ms. ______________________, son/daughter of Shri __________________________, resident of _____________________, District _________________, is a member of the Scheduled Castes/Tribes and belongs to _______________________ caste/tribe which has been … Continued

Certificate Of Educational Qualifications And Character

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Certificate Of Educational Qualifications And Character (to be submitted by all applicants)   (The certificate must be signed by the Head of the Institution where the candidate has studied for 12th Class, or Institution last attended) Certified that Mr./Ms. ____________________________ … Continued

Specimen Of Affidavit For Only (Single) Girl Child Category (SGC)

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SPECIMEN OF AFFIDAVIT FOR ONLY (SINGLE) GIRL CHILD CATEGORY (on non-judicial paper of Rs.20/- duly attested by 1st class Magistrate) I _______________________________ (name) father/mother of Miss _______________________, resident of ________________________________ (full address to be given) do hereby, solemnly declare and … Continued

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